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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Hello All!!

Well, I haven't posted for some very long time. I have been armpit deep in homeowrk and reading and most of all family. We have been having a super good time. I have been loving my school so much. I have done papers and group projects and book reports like crazy. I am only two weeks from my finals and then April 21 I will be a holder of a degree. Seems odd and a bit crazy but I am very excited. I am learning way to much stuff and not sure how this is all gonna work it self practically but we'll see I guess. I look forward to the challenges and being a tool in the hand of God doing some crazy stuff I am sure.
As for the family, well, Bonnie is still running and doing well. I think the last time i blogged we were off to Victoria for a Marriage conference. It was great we had such a great time walking and talking and eating and just being togther. It was a healthy refresher for our marriage.

We then proceeded to return to the island the following week to visit some family in Campbell River. It was raining like freakin' crazy but the family was fun and really cool to visit with. We ate fresh crab, this was a highlight for Bonnie and I, Ben just eats it and doesn't really flinch.

After that we have been here in Abbotsford working on homework, Mark, stamping cards, Bonnie, and making a mess, watching movies, eating and talking like crazy, that's Ben.

We have spent some time at the park as well. That has been fun! He is even learniong about ducks and dogs. It's great, he is so special to us. What a treasure he is.

Well, it is a few weeks and we will be leaving here. On April 22 we will be driving to Calgary. Then on May 27 we, Bonnie and I, will be flying to Budapest, Hungry to visit Kyle and Lynnette for a few days and then to Germany for a few more days to visit Eddie and Petra. We will be back in Calgary May 9 and then back to Coaldale. Please pray for us!! We are doing well, our health is good and we are looking forward to seeing all of you that visit here just to check up on us.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


So I haven't posted for some time and therfore no pics or correspondence has happened. It's not because we don't think or pray for all of you that visit this place we have just been busy. I say we because as a family we have been doing lots of stuff but the "we" that usually posts here has been up to his ...ahem!! in homework. Its not comfortable and is just way to much reading. I think I am learning new stuff. I am loving the time at school anyway. So what have we been doing you may ask? We have spent much time with my parents and family in Richmond. We always have a great time there. We eat well, get to sleep in, and get to hang with family doing fun stuff. Last weekend Anthony and I took Ben swimming. He loved it soo much. We also got to have supper with Vicky, Jono and Lila. We get to spend time with other friends like Ryan and Naomi and the twins, Nicki and Claire. Ben loves playing with them and learning all sorts of crazy stuff from them. They are 5 and know lots more stuff. This is them outside with my dad eating some ribs before supper.
We have been spending more time at home playing in the basement because it is still not that nice outside. We hope the weather is going to smarten up. We got 3 inches of snow yesterday. Crazy, crazy!! So Ben plays with trains, Bob the builder stuff, his JD tractors, play-dough, balls, blocks, and watches movies. He loves all his toys. He also loves talking on the web cam to whomever will listen.
Well, we are heading to Victoria for the weekend. Bonnie and I are going for a marriage retreat and Ben gets to spend the weekend with Oma and Opa. He will love it. We also anticipate a great time. Victoria is a beautiful place to visit and we are so looking forward to a few days of relaxing. I am on my reading week and had a few hundred pages to read so I am excited to kick back.
Thats it for now. Maybe some more pics after the weekend. Have a great one and love you all.


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