Mark's Mind

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Big Benjamin!!

This is the "Destroyer"!! I love this kid even when he isn't feeling great and into everything. He isn't walking yet but I am sure that is coming soon. He is so ready to see all of his extended family this holiday season. He is especially ready to see all those aunts and uncles and opa's he hasn't seen in soooo long!!


Benjamin and Bonnie!!

These are the two favorite people in my life. It is so great to be a dad. I learn new stuff every day. This holiday season we will be celebrating little Ben's first birthday. So cool!! Last new years we were in the hospital playing crib and trying to feel better. This year a better time and a better place, hopefully. I can't believe the year is gone already.


25 Ways to Win with People!!

This is the title of the book I am reading through at this moment. Interesting stuff and obviously something the author has thought about to great extents. Ther are all sorts of practical ways to deal with and handle and appreciate people that I, as a pastor and a friend or husband, could stand to learn. I sometimes am skeptical about these kind of books, the how toos, but this one sems to be good.
One thing I have learned already and something that often gets over looked is that people just want to be needed. Take time today to look around at the poeple you may or may not come in contact with. What are they screaming for? I would guess generally people want some affirmation and to be told they are needed. This popped into my mind even the other day when a certain old hockey player playing on a younger team shared with his feeling of ineptness and lack of value. He thinks he can still a star. I think this not so young man could be given some value if he was just shown how much he is needed. Lame example but it just came to mind.
I will keep all of you posted if anything else interesting comes up!