Mark's Mind

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some Hot Weather!!

So for the past few weeks it has been smokin' hot here and apparently another week of 30 plus degrees is upon us. We have been loving the heat mostly but enjoy the cooler nights. Ben has been crazy pool guy swimming and getting wet, naked mostly, whenever he can.
Bonnie isn't as big a fan of the heat. I guess being 5 months pregnant isn't the best for this hot weather. Oh well, she is actually doing very well and feeling good. Bonnie said this baby is very active and moving all the time. We are all getting very excited already! Please continue praying for her as she continues to grow this little special one!(no we don't know what it is!!) She doesn't know I put this picture of her up so we will see how long it takes her to notice. This is when she is in California without Ben and I. She said she missed us lots. We sure missed her. We really love her!! She looks so good and cute, see her little baby stomach!!
So I realize it has been almost a month but understand that Ben and I spent a week alone while Bonnie went to California with her family. She took the camera and so not many new pics have been taken. She is back and we have a camera again so here are some new and possibly nude pics of the kid, his cousins and friends enjoying cherries, the pool, the Settlers day parade and some good times in the backyard.

Enjoy and have a great week. Pray for us as we are involved in a Vacation Bible School program that our church and the MB church work at together. Pray God uses us as churches and imperfect humans to show Christs love to all the children that attend.