Mark's Mind

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Three Weeks Old!

So Our little Elias is three weeks old. I feel bad saying he was little because he really wasn't but he seems little compared to Ben but considering Bonnie carried him and then proceeded to birth him!! That's a whole nother story I will let her explain!! I want to forget about that stuff.

Well, our house has been packed full of people since the day Elias was born until yesterday. It has been good because having family here is always a bonus. My mother in law was here and left and came back again, my parents were here and my brother was here it was great.
Bonnie is finally feeling normal again. Elias is doing great. It took him 1 week to return to birth weight and in the past two weeks he has gained about 8 ounces or something. We are happy with that! Ben is well....adjusting. He loved having family here but turned into some sort of crazy monkey. We will need some family time to "delearn" some bad habits. Things are good with him and Elias though. Ben thinks he is cool but doesn't realize he needs to be gentle. Ah the Learning Curve.
So I know my mom will be mad that it has taken so long to post pics. I apologize...if I wasn't at church or at church I was at home sleeping or hanging with company. My time has been eaten up by all sorts of stuff. I will now post some random pics with minimal explanation. Enjoy and God bless.

Two weeks until the birth of our Savior!! Having a baby this close to Christmas really makes you think about Christmas and Christ's birth even more. Love you!