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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Total Recall!

To say we have been busy and will continue to be would be an understatement, however, after being harassed by many of my "faithful blog checker friends". (i just stopped for a good laugh) I will update some pics for all of you af many different events of the past few weeks. I will sneak a pic or two of Bonnie in but please don't tell her (she never checks so she will never know). Enjoy! You will see pics of Ben mostly, camping, fishing, fence building and well not sure what else. Thanks for checking anyhow.
This is my parents in Waterton with Ben on my moms b-day.Ben at S & A's wedding in August. He was the ring bearer and he wore a tux. He was adorable.
Bonnie and Ben freezing in the wind at a lake in Sask.Gil trying to hit me when I wasn't looking!Ben's sweet cousins Lana and Julie!
Ben and Bonnie at bedtime!Ben loves his train set!Ben and his bestest buddy Eve. They are super cute together.
Ben and Papa wrestling.

Ben just posing for me.
Who doesn't love a chain saw?
Motorcycle Ben!
Bonnie and Ben at Lee Lake!
I will do more another day enough pics already!
Peace Out!