Mark's Mind

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well Well!! This next week is an interesting one. Bonnie and Benjamin will be heading one direction and I will be going another. Bonnie and Ben will be heading to Airdrie and then to Camrose and Tofield. They are going to visit grandma and grandpa for a few days and then heading to Camrose to visit some friends there. Then for a day the will be heading to Tofield to visit Bonnie's grandma Wiens. It sounds like a super fun trip and I already miss them.
I on the other hand will be heading to Saskatoon for a week to do a mission trip through MCC with 12 of my senior high kids. It will be a great time as well and it promises to be life changing. We are all very excited to go.
So please pray for all three of us as we spend the week apart and head to different locations.

Peace Out