Mark's Mind

Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Rats in the cellar!"

So I have started into a "new" devotional over the past few days. I have to admit I am terrible at the regular devotional times. I find I neglect to take the set aside time to read something written by someone else to inspire me. I thought with summer coming and some more time on my hands and the opprotunity to start a new "habit" I would attempt to discipline myself and do some daily devotions and Bible reading, I guess those could be the same thing.
So I have choosen to use the book of Romans to read through and have already had some "AHHAAH!" type momnets but also have had to mark my Bible with a number of question marks. I have also choosen to use "A Year with C. S. Lewis" as a devotional guide. Wow, he is good and today I read June 29, I guess I should have, and was made to think of my own life.
So the title is Rats in the cellar. It talks about how everyone has some sort of things they hide in their lives. The devotional talks about the character of a person revieled in suprise situations. He compared it to rats in the cellar, you know they are there and if you run down the steps and make a big noise they will be gone when you get there but you sneak up on them and surprise them they are revealed to you and you see them.
This made me evaluate what kind of character traits and "rats" I reveal when I am put into surprise situations? Do I reflect a Christlike character or one that has a whole bunch of "rats" I am trying to deal with?
I know I need work with my patience and the speed at which I choose to judge others and a variety of other flaws so unless you desperately neeed to post some more "rats" about me please refrain. This post is to encourage us to evaluate the character we portray to others, I think, but sort of just to help us think about something. Mostly to put what I was thinking down on "paper".

peace out

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guess who got a haircut??

So it was time to loose the "mullet" as some of you refered to it as and get a big boy haircut. In ten minutes he changed from a little baby boy to a little boy. He just grew up so fast just by getting a haircut. He still is super cute. (but then I am a proud dad)!!

Here are a few pics of Michelle cutting his hair. He was so good he just sat there and never made a peep. This is completely opposite my story. I freaked out and didn't want my haircut or the nasty "Vic", the barber, near me. I am proud to admit I am better now than I used to be.

For those of you that noticed I got a haircut as well. I went with the summer buzz. Bonnie would not let me buzz Ben's head but soon he will have a haircut like his dad.

This last picture is of Ben and his new hairdo enjoying some cheerios and a John Deere movie. He loved it until the Cheerios ran out then the movie lost its appeal as well. He does have a few things in common with his dad. Food, T.V. and he loves to play.

Well, enjoy the pics and have a great day.

peace out


Monday, June 12, 2006

Frailty of Life!!

Over the past few days I have been pondering over our lives. I guess mine in particular but peoples lives in general. Let me first explain why. A few weeks ago I attended a funeral in which a 78 year old man died suddenly. He had a heart attack. Then this past weekend my sister and her husband, in Hungry, were in a car accident and nearly died. They are fine now but when I saw the pics of their vehicle there is no doubt in my mind they were protected by God.
So here is where my thinking has taken me. We live our lives like nothing can evber go wrong, maybe we are indestructable. We drive and bike ride and do all sorts of things that put us in the path of death. I guess we even do things like eat McDonalds and drink beer or smoke that speed up our time to die.
I sguess these things are normal things that some people do every day and never get hurt but why do we never get hurt? Are we just that good of drivers and so is every one else on the road or do we actually believe that we are protected? Do we pray before we start the car so that God protects us or only if we are going on a long trip and we need special protection?
Msotly two thoughts come out for me for this post. One, I think we don't realize how destructable we are and two, how can I get away from using God as some sort of life insurance policy?
This is but a start to my thinking but I would be interetsed to hear some other peoples thoughts on this topic. Maybe I am the only nut that thinks like this.


So Ben Has Changed!!

I haven't blogged any new pics of Ben lately but mostly the problem is I haven't taken many pictures and so I haven't had anything regarding Ben to blog. However, a few family have suggested I blog so new pics and so here they are.
This is his new favorite snack thing. It isn't suppossed to spill so we fill it fulll of Cheerios and when he needs a snack we hand hime this orange cup and he keeps playing and eating at the same time. Its a great thing only he thinks he needs it all the time. Aside from his eating like we are running out of food he is continuing to be a blesing to his mom and his dad. He is "talking" lots more now. He runs around or sits with a book and tells stories constantly. His running is getting better as well. He really cruises now. He still loves outside. The neighbor boys come over and play. He hugs the youngest one who is 4 and the kid just looks at Ben and waits for him to let go. He sure is an affectionate little guy.

This is the little man outside. He loves throwing rocks and tasting them as well. He could and would play outside all day if his parents would let him. Over the past few weeks Bonnie has put a great deal of work into the backyard and so Ben has spent many hours wandering and playing in the yard. He loves water and so all Bonnie has to do is turn the hose on and he is wet and he doesn't care. He has some cool tan lines on his feet and arms and neck already. His skin just soaks up the sun.

This happens often. Bonnie and Ben spend time sitting and looking at the flowers or playing with rocks together. Bonnie is a great mom for Ben. She is so patient and caring and loving. She spends lots of time with the little man and they have a cool bond.

Well, thats about it for pictures of Ben. I will attempt to be more regular about posting pics. He is changing so fast and we don't even realize everything thats changing. Thanks for all the love and prayers. Have a great week.