Mark's Mind

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weekend Visitors!!

So last weekend we had company from home. It was great!! Bonnie's parents came to visit and we had a beautiful weekend. We got to enjoy the beauty of the Fraser Valley all weekend. It was great that they could come and visit. We love having them around and enjoy their company. We are thankful to have parents that love and care about us and our little Ben so much.
So on Friday for supper wwe went to the MCC Sale. It was great we ate way too much and enjoyed the company. My parents and many of their friends were there and so we could have supper and dessert with them.

On Saturday Garry and I went golfing to the Falls in Chilliwack with my dad and a bunch of friends. My dad said he has never had a nicer day of golf at the Falls. I think he is just saying that because he shot an 88 but whatever it was so nice all day. The weather and the view from there are amazing. It was a great day of golf and we followed it up with a big old bar-b-que at some friends place. Way too much delicious food!!
Then on Sunday morning we headed to Harrison Hot Springs to see the sand castles there. It was so beautiful again. We had a great day there with a picnic lunch and everything. Ben loved hanging out with mom and dad all weekend. Thanks for the visit!

This was one of the cool sandcastles we saw on the weekend. There is close to 5 tonnes of sand stacked in some of these castles. It was worth the drive seeing the art that these artists can create with sand. We were stunned and impressed.

We look forward to your next visit!!

Peace Out

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Here we are!!

So here we are, the three of us in Abbotsford on an adventure. We have arrived and all is well. We moved into our new place on Saturday and have been unpacking and equipping our place ever since. I say equipping because it seems we need so much stuff to make our house "work" properly. It is great to be here.
We have been for a bike ride and gone shopping and spend time in our backyard together. This is Ben on the slide in our backyard. He has a a sand box, swings, a slide and toys to play with. It's great the people that live upstairs have 3 kids and oddles of toys. We already miss our "family" in Coaldale but our really enjoying our first week in B.C.

We have spent many days with my parents and family and continue to enjoy time with them. They now are only an hour away from our place so supper or an evening together is now an option.
I started classes today and am enjoying my time so far. I can't believe all the reading and essays but we'll get started early and see if we can stay on top of it.
Well, that's it for now. Thanks for all your prayers and love. We miss all of you friends we haven't seen for a while. Please continue to pray for us.

Peace out