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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just an update!!

This week has been a zoo week for all of us again. Ben is getting or has a little cold and runny nose. This makes him kinda grouchy and a bit much for the mom to handle all day. So you can imagine that things are a bit crazy at the house. This week has also been the busiest week for me with regards to homeowrk but come Thursday morning I will be home free for a few weeks. I then will get ahead again!!
We have still been spending lot's of time at the park on the weekends. This past weeekend on Sunday we went to church at South Abbotsford and their service was at 9am so we were done by 10:30 and had the rest of the day to hang out together. We went to Costco and for brunch and then home for a family nap. We then headed to the park for some excercise on our bikes. So here are a few pics of us playing together.

As you will notice "little" Ben isn't so little any more. He is a big boy and talks all sorts of new things all the time. It's really cool to watch him grow up and turn into a little man.

This last picture is of Ben sitting on the counter making cookies with Bonnie. He loves to stand or sit really close to see everything that mommy does on the counter. He alos enjoyed eating the ingriedents right out of the bowl.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. We love and miss all of you and pray God's protection for all of you doing a variety of things.



Monday, October 02, 2006

My Two Favorites!!

Well, I haven't updated for a while and things change so fast here. Not really but we have been spending some family time togther and it is good. This post really is for an update of what we lok like for those of you who don't see us very often but this post is most importantly to express how much I appreciate my Bonnie and my Ben!!
We have been away from home for just over a month now and we all missed home this week. We all had a case of homesickness. Ben turned into an monkey and Bonnie and I both missed our friends from Coaldale.
So this weekend was a family weekend. We stayed in Abbotsford and spent time with eachother. On Thurday night my parents came for supper and on Friday we had a young couple from school over for supper. Then on Saturday and Sunday we spent time playing and having fun together.
On Sunday after Bens nap we went to a dairy out in the country. They serve ice cream and have animals to feed and swings and just some grass to run around on. Ben loves the swings and the ice cream so we stayed for a while and just followed Ben around. After, we went to McDonalds for supper and then to the park. It was great fun. Ben loves the park and the play ground. He climbs and swings and slides like a big kid already. He also loves to watch and feed the ducks. It really is a great park near our house.
So these pics are from sunday and this day made me appreciate Bonnie and Ben so much. I love them both like crazy and would not be able to be out here without them. I take them for granted sometimes and don't think about them all the time but I do love them and love the extra time we get to spend together.
Enjoy the pics. Bonnie sadi she doesn't like the one of her but I think it is beautiful and the one of Ben is at the play ground on the teeter totter. The other picture was supposed to be a nicer one of Ben and Bonnie posing but Ben doesn't pose very well. He is kind of active.

Love you all and miss you immensly