Mark's Mind

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter Weekend!!

I understand Easter weekend has come and gone and many of us have forgotten what even went on that weekend except that at some point we spent time in church. It was a great weeekend for us. Well, it was good for the most part, I will elaborate in a minute.

So We started the weekend on Thursday night already with a birthday celebration with Anthony and Shelley for Bonnie's Birthday. It was great the four of us went to Antons in Burnaby. The restaurant gives you way to much food but it is freakin' amazing, really. Basically you take home more pasta than you eat and while you eat it at the restaurant it stays hot the whole time. It was a great time. We then went over to the Dyck's place and played some cards and chatted some more.

On Friday morning, we headed out to church in Vancouver with my parents. It was really cool because about 7 churches got togther for a service and it was a great time of worship. I was also able to connect with people I haven't seen for 10 years. It was great. Some people change and look very different and some don't. It was great non the less. After church Ryan and Naomi came to my parents place with their kids and we spent all afternoon together. The weather was great so we went to the park and played and watched the kids. It really was great to be with family and friends on Good Friday (Bonnie's B-Day).

Saturday was a fun day for us. Mom and dad and Bonnie and Ben and I went into Vancouver. We rode the bus and the skytrain and then when we got to the end of the line we rode the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay. This was a new expierinec for Ben and Bonnie and I think my dad actually. We spent a few hours there eating lunch, wandering about, drinking 'Bubble Tea' and just enjoying a nice day.

After our experience in Lonsdale we jumped back on the Seabus, skytrain and bus and eneded up where we started, only to hope in the Trooper to head back downtown to Stanley Park. This was fun as well. We wandered in the park and Ben played on the playground
and we took some pictures, enjoyed the trees, and company. We drove up to Prospect Point to see where all the devestation was form the stroms in the fall. Wow, nature reared her strentgth and destroyed what it wanted. Kind of cool to see how man thinks they have this handle on things and where we would like trees to grow and stay and look nice and the wind helps us see our smallness and powerlessness. We couldn't even save those trees.

Whatever, it was great to be up there and look over the North Shore and just hang out with family. We then headed home only for me to get sick with some sort of crazy achey, cold and have a bath and back to bed. This was a long day so all of us hit the hay early.

Sunday, I was still feeling ill but everyone else was good so they all headed to church. I guess it was a good service, thats what they said. After church the Gedderts all gathered at my parents house for supper and we spent time cathching up and eating, of course.

It was a great weekend!! We loved our time with our parents. They spoil us and Ben, they love us like crazy, they enjoy time with us(I Think), and they want us to be around. We love them as well and had a great weekend with them.

I am a mere 3 exams from completing my Youth Work degree at CBC. I will be Convocating on Saturday at 10:30am and then heading back to Calgary on Sunday, April 22. Have a super week and pray for me as I do these last three exams.