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Monday, September 01, 2008

Number 2 actually!!

So don't look at this one yet. The next post actually comes first in the picture order!! Except I missed Osyoos so I will start with a few from there.

Our 10th Anniversary. Enjoying a drink and some Calamari on Earls Patio. Was a sweet reminder of our honeymoon in Kelowna. I love Bonnie so much and am very thankful for 10 years together. We are planning something exciting and romantic for the winter. We'll see I guess.
Papa and Ben playing on the beach in Osoyoos.
Elias with auntie Lynnette and Auntie Shelley.
Elias enjoying his pool. He loved the water and beach!
Ben playing with Lila. What a fun cousin!
Ben and Elias playing on the bed!Ben and Opa having a nap on the beach.
Elias and Oma having beach time!Family swim!!Morning mate ritual. With a super beautifl view from the deck. It was great.
Bena and I in La Crete. So fun. Taking after his OPA!Trip home in the van. 16 hours and the boys were awesome!Boys playing together. Dressed the same. They are cute.Bonnie decided we should paint the house.This is the house painted, Mountain Moss, excpet you have to imagine new eaves troughs.Just for Opa. These are the sweet Hungarian. So many pepers. Cousin Julie when we went to Hepburn!Stealing firewood from the neighbors. This was a nice night in Hepburn.Even the babies liked being outside.Ben being silly in the van on the way home from Hepburn.
Elias being cute!

Elais enjoying mommies plants.One more...I am a proud papa!
Our friend Avery went off to CBC. We miss her.
Bonnie playing with Elais and Matthew!These three are only 5 weeks apart. They will have lots of these pictures.Ben and Elias enjoying the neighbors apples.

So now you have seen pics upto September 1. Hope you will be happy for now. I will attempt to be better. We enjoy taking pics just not the posting them. Sorry.



Just Summer Pics

I know its been a few months since I posted. I forget about the blog world until my moms promptly remind me. So I am posting many pics from our crazy summer. Enjoy thse pics of our families and such!!

Just My boys!!

Playing in the kitchen!Fathers Day!! So hot we went for a walk!! Elias loves the stroller.Family visiting for fathers day!Getting tackeled at a random wiener roast by Levi and Ben.Same wiener roast sitting around the camp fire. My gorgoeus wife and Elias!
Everett with Bonnie. Whata great friend.
I went to Moncton in June and brought back a tonne (8) lobster and it was great. Everyone came over and enjoyed the feast.
Here is my lobster from a box!!
Even Ben ate some.
Settlers Day Parade with friends!!
Collecting Candy with Ben!
Cousins here to play!! Julie and Lana are fun!
Ben with Auntie Shelley in Fairmont!
With the cousins in the boat. Ben wasn't such a fan! In Meadow Lake on a few days holiday. So great!
Playing with Ben in the pool!

Little E enjoying poolside!
Mom and the boys picked Saskatoons everytime we went for a walk. Americans don't eat them. Not worth their time.This is how we walked sometimes. We got really tired fast.Thats it for this one. I realized I missed some time but I will do another blog with more pics. If you are reading this you looked at them in the right order. If you are redaing this and looking for more you likely looked at the previous post first. Silly you!

Hope you likey!!