Mark's Mind

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just a Few Ben!!

So I really have no new and cool things to tell you. I do have new pics of Ben and so here they are. He has discovered how much he loves outside and therefore these pics are mostly outside shots.
This first one I was in the front yard with him and he was just getting used to the grass on his hands. I snapped a few pics of him screaming cause he couldn't stand up without touching the lawn. We spent a few days this week at my in laws place and Ben got his first ride on a quad. They are building a new house and it is out in the country so he will get to experience stuff like that. He liked it and so did his dad.
He also loves the playground. He is still a bit small to climb all over but he is getting more brave all the time and so these park times will only get more fun. This is just before we sent him down the slide, alone!!
That's it for now. I may post a few more in the next few days. We got some pics of him in some shorts and a hat helping mom clean the cars. They are cute.
Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bonnie and Ben!!

So my beautiful Bonnie is 30 and we celebrated together. We spent the weekend in Banff and left Ben with his grand parents in Calgary. We had a great time relaxing and walking and eating and just enjoying a weekend minus a phone and a schedule. Benjamin and I are very thankful for Bonnie. She is an amazing mother and wife. She loves and takes care of us so well. She continues to grow and change to be more Christlike. We love her so much and appreciate her like crazy.

These roses that she is posing with Benjamin bought for her. They were very pretty and so fitting for Bonnie. Bonnie was wanting me to take a few pictures and obviously nothing gets done in our house without interference from our little curious one. The rose that he is holding he broke off and so Ben and Bonnie spent sometime passing it back and forth. He is very special and loves to check stuff out. He discovered this past week he loves walking around outside. Everything is so new and exciting to see. He is learning so fast now its kinda cool to watch him change.

This was one of his favorite things for a few days. He was kinda sick and teething and so he didn't really know what he wanted. Pushing himself away or cuddling were his two favorite things. He is feeling better but no new teeth yet. Well, thats a little update from our lives. Easter this weekend. What an amazing time to think about the hope that Christ offers us for our lives. That is the reason I live. I am thankful for the salvation Christ has offered us on the cross. Grace we can hardly understand but one that is there for us to accept. What an amazing sacrifice for us!! Have a blessed Easter and celebrate the Risen King!!