Mark's Mind

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well, many of you know already and many of you will soon find out but we are having anothere member join our small family. This exciting experience will happening in november sometime. Officially by the doctors wisdom November 24 but only God really knows (we learned that with Ben).So pray for my amazing wife who is doing well but could always feel better. Her back is almost better and her feeling ill is mostly done.
As for family...we are in Coaldale again and loving it. Bonnie almost has the whole house unpacked and Ben is now used to his new surroundings. Continue to pray for us as we adjust back into church life and also being part of the Coaldale community. Thanks for all your friendships and we hope to hear from all of you!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some Pictures Of Europe!

Me and Kyle drinking beer we bought at the corner store on the grass of the Winter Palace in Vienna. Late at night Kyle, Lynnette and myself ran into dowtown Vienna to see the city at night. Bonnie was at home sleeping. This is a picture of us on the train.

This "Cock Soup" is just a menu we found. The picture of us sitting at the table is in Budapest we had a few beers and some juice and all had cheese sandwiches, $15 Canadian Dollars. So nice.

Just some pictures for interest sake. We are still having fun!!

Europe, Europe!!

So For the last 5 days we have been in and around Budapest. My sister Lynnette and her husband, Kyle, live just ouside Budapest in a town called Erd!! We have toured Budapest and also taken a train to Vienna and toured the city for a few days there as well. We will be here until Thursday night and then we will be flying to Germany to spend some time with the Regers in Kempton.

So here are some pictures of our first few days in Europe. They are random pics of Budapest and Vienna.