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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Little Benjamin!!

Well, for those of you haven't seen our little Ben for a long time here he is. He is growing and changing so much. He is a little walking machine. He thinks if he runs he is even quicker but at this point he just wipes out then so we are still learning.
He is turning into a little card though. He thinks he is so funny and cute, and he is, but his expressions and smiles and goofy looks are so funny. If you ask him if he is "so funny" he does this crazy laugh. He talks and calls us and tells us stuff all the time.
He is also learning small words of sign language. He says please and thank-you and all done and more and he blows kisses. He newest word is Papa and we are working on making momma clearer.

This is one of his tonnes of smilies. He has been the super happy kid lately. This hat that he is wearing my buddy Dlae made for me but as you can tell it fits Ben way better then it does me and besides he looks so cute with it on.

This is a picture of Bonnie and Ben. They are the joys of my life. It has been very fun being husband and father to two wonderful people. This picture was on Sunday and we were having some family type time laughing and goofing around. I love them so very much.
Well enjoy the pics and have a great week.


Monday, March 13, 2006

We survived!!

My last post was saturday night. Sunday morening Ben was up at 7 and ready to rock. I think his cold was worse today and so he was a real gem. I took him in the bed with me to drink his bottle he thought that was kinda cool but every time I was almost asleep he would scratch my neck or rub my head so I would look at him again. After the bottle and some Triaminic a little porridge he was in a better mood. So I through him in the bath and let hium play in there for a while. It sounds like we had lots of time before church well, we voted and sunday school was not an option this sunday so we streched our morning out a bit. After the bath I dressed Ben in a very cute little outfit. The ladies at church asked if Bonnie put clothes out for him. Imagine a dad that can pick clothes for his own son. WOW!! The sweater is from Shelley and Anthony from Peru or Chile or something, anyway he was very cute.
He did have a bit of a nap at the church but only for 45 minutes and so being sick and only haveing a short nap meant that lunch was going to be fun.
We went over to the Mantlers for lunch. The food was great but Ben was a bear. The combination of little sleep feeling like krap and too many people made for a short visit there. Bonnie met us there and Ben wasn't much interested in her. This was not cool either because now I had a grumpy mom and a grumpy kid. So we went home from lunch early and spent time together. We all needed a nap and after that everyone was doiing better.
All in all I have to say the boys had a fun weekend. I seems really strange with Ben. When one of the parents is gone it seems like he doesn't even notice. It is nice to have the mom home again. Our family united. Thanks for reading along with me as I spend my first weekend alone with Ben.

So thats it have a great week. We will no more pizza and orange juice for every meal!!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

So the day never went exactly as we planned, i never got my nap this morning. Whatever I guess that is the life of a father. We had a great day together. After Ben's nap and lunch, which we bnever really ate, we waited for Colin to come over then headed into town for some fresh air. We walked around the mall and had Burger King for lunch and headed home. Ben went back to bed around three and Colin and I did nothing all afternoon. We did watch the second in the series of Star Wars and that was really the most we did. Ben woke up around 4:30 and had a bottle and some supper, left over pizza, yogurt and some cantelope, we headed back to the basement for some hockey. Ben played all evening as you can see by the pictures he found Colins phone. He loved it and when I said say hello he put it to his ear. He also was infaltuated with the dryer and a Bounce sheeet he found. He wasn't feeling great, his cough was worse and his "River" from the nose to the mouth was still flowing. He was ready for bed at 8.

Once Ben was in bed we proceeded to TV, more hockey. The day really sounds pathetic but I did get a few things done this morning and some laundry through out the day.
Well, our time together as dad and son have almost come to an end. Tomorrow's trick will be trying to shower when the little monster is awake. We'll see how that works. We are both missing the MOM!! She will be home early afternoon, good thing we have a lunch invitation.
Have a great day it's time for the daddy to get some shut eye!!


Boys Weekend!!

So Benjamin gets to spend the weekend with his dad. Bonnie and 15 other women went on a retreat and I have the pleasure of a weekend at home with my favorite little guy. It has been great so far. The little monster never slept yesterday so he went to bed at 7pm. This gave the daddy time to watch the first in the Star Wars Trilogy. He slept straight through the night and was up at 7am. Yes, even the daddy got a good nights rest. This morning we woke up with a trail of snot running from the nose to the mouth. So after a bottle and some breakfast we took some medicine and we seem to be having a great morning. After our nap, by that I mean I may just hope into bed as well and catch some shut eye, we will have lunch and into Lethbridge for some man time!!
I realize these pics have little to do with the post but my siblings have been on my case to see some new pictures of Ben. Besides, my parents are in the "Mother Land" (not Russia Paul) but Paraguay for 6 weeks and so ben will be almost two when they see him next. These are for you guys as well.
The fisrt picture is just the little boy posing the other is Ben in his pajamas with a letter of his fridge magnets in his mouth. He prefers having the blue O because he can breath through it and still play. This is of him standing at the top of the stairsHe stands there and says goodbye when I leave.
Enjoy I will post a few more tonight if I get some good ones and update those of you who care on my day as the primary care giver. HEHE!!


Friday, March 10, 2006

You wanna see Snow!!

Afriend of mine, Naomi, continuously posts. (it is great to see pictures of the family) The last few days she has posted a few pictures regarding snow on the west coast. Fair enough I love to see the pictures of Vancouver and places I recognize. Vancouver has recieved some snow and it tends to stick around for a short time. Well, we got a 1 foot dump here in Coaldale over night. It was crazy blowing snow and when we woke it was blue sky -5 and lots of snow. So I took a few pictures of what the prarie snow looks like covering a car and also a house. So these pictures are for you that miss the snow.