Mark's Mind

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I need some answers!!

So how does a person figure out exactly what God wants for your life? I am a bit confused by the will of God. I think I understand that God has more than one will. Let me explain, I don't think God has only one plan for my life and if I don't choose that plan I am not following Gods will. I believe he blesses the decisions we make assuming we rely on Him for direction and wisdom.
It does seem though that we are put in situations that is just so hard to figure out when and where and what does a person do. For example, a person asks you to drive them to the hospital to have an abortion (she has already decided there is only this choice) what do you do?
Here is another situation I encountered and am not sure what God would want me to do. This pastor was asked to do a wedding for a friend and her fiance. They are living together and have no real church affiliation. They asked the pastor to marry them but aren't really interested in God being involved in their wedding or lives. What should the pastor do? What would Jesus do in this situation? It is very interesting that God puts us into situations that make us decide how to put our faith into action. I guess I just wish that some of these questions would have easier answers and clear direction.
So how do we know what to do with such a limited knowledge of Jesus' life?


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Life .....a Whirlwind of events!!

Whirlwind, you may ask why? Great question!! Absolutely fabulous. My life went from a summer of relaxation and family time to a September of running and spinning and programming and organizing and meeting and no family time. (okay very little) This is a frustrating thing because I am not sure what not to do and what to do and how to keep the wife and child happy all at once. I admit I am still a rookie at this Youth Pastor thing and so I am still learning but I thought I had some of this stuff figured out. Last post I wrote about what being a youth pastor is but never included the most frustrating part. Well, well, I think I got it. Today I figured it out but I am not convinced yet that just being a youth pastor is at fault and that I alone have this problem.
So for those of you smarty pants out there with all the experience and know how. What should a new dad and relative newbie do in this situation? How do I find enough time for everything? Or tell me this will end after September?


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Youth Pastor....What the?

So someone asked about what a youth pastor actually does. That is a great question because that is another thing I wrestle with all the time. What do I do? I am not totally sure. I think the church, my boss, hired me to teach the kids in the church about Jesus and to help them answer some of their life questions, and I think to help "climatize" the youth into the church so they can and will one day be a greater contributing factor to the church and community then they already are.
I think what I do has changed from that a bit because I am who I am......I think! For me youth ministry is not just to the church kids but to the greater community and the youth that are here in Coaldale. I believe Jesus has given me some kid of love for kids that I can't hide. I get many opportunities to spend time with kids, eating with them, talking, playing games, driving, whatever all sorts of stuff. These time are conducive to building relationships and building into kids lives. Youth Ministry is one, in my humble opinion, that is best done when I can walk along side a youth and laugh and cry and seek and ask questions and work and struggle and enjoy the good times together with them. "Live Life" withy these kids as best I can. Mayeb by some miracle they will see the love that God has given me for them and they might one day want to know His love as well.
People have a basic need for companionship, someone to listen to be there and love them. That is what I do, I think or I want to do anyway. I also have some responsibilities in the church that kind of get tacked on to the "Youth Pastor", kind of like a "cling on". They may include speaking, counselling , endless meetings, and relationships in the church..
That is a simple version of what I do. IF their are other more expeienced youth pastors out their who can better describe or add or take away from this list please be my guest.

Peace out