Mark's Mind

Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Boy Bed!!

So our big boy is almost 3 and the baby is but a month away so it was time. We took down the crib threw a mattres on the floor for a few days and then bought a bed and set it up. The transition has been very smooth. He loves his giraffe quilt and the new bed. So here are a few pics regarding this big step!

Just for fun Ben eating his pizza like a big boy.

He is getting to be more fun all the time. His vocabulary is increasing and he is saying funny stuff all the time. Still his few things he loves to do are wrestle, tickle, play hide and seek and play football. He enjoys watching sports and then playing whatever he can get his hands on. He has been to a high school football game and now loves Adam and Cam because they tackle and kick and play football.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So its been a month!!

So for those of you that use Face book these pics will be a rerun. We have been busy again. September proved to be a good time, just supremely time consuming. We made it and are enjoying October. We are still a happy family fully loving each other. Bonnie is getting bigger, she is pregnmant and that's what happens, being an amazing mom, running and organizing parties, loving me, and being just as precious as ever. Ben is still crazy and fun and talking like some sort of parrot. I am still and doing dad, husband and youth stuff. So enjoy the pics.

Ben with Bonnies sunflowers she cut from her garden.

Ben being....Ben!!Some Mornings Ben goes outside and does chores, like Grandpa does. He puts his boots and his hat on in his underwear and feeds stuff and checks the yard. Soo cute.Bonnie and her sister Stacy. They are due a month a part. Very exciting for both!!
We build towers together...then he destroys them!Special friends and Bonnies other sister Shelley she is prgnant in December as well!!Ben and his cousin/brother Nathan. They have a great time together.

Bed time stories!Just playing for the camera!My super wife!! I love this women and appreciate her for evrything she is and does for us. She is a marvelous mother and wife. We are very thanful for her and her caring spirit and loving person she is. Thats it for now enjoy and talk to you all soon!!