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Monday, June 25, 2007

Just for Oma and Grandma!

So this may not excite many of you out there but I know and Oma and a Grandma that will enjoy these pics just because it is their little Ben! So here are a few of the latest pics. Enjoy!
He thinks riding the vaccum is cool. We let him who really cares. Maybe one day he will want to use it. The sun glasses are new and he thinks they are cool. They are "John Deere" green, whats not to like.

This is a picture of Ben and his "friend" Eve. They have a pre-arranged marriage and already run around in our backyard in the nude. They prefer it!

Ben fixes stuff all the time. He puts his goggles on and wanders around the house hammering, screwing, drilling and fixing doors and walls all the time.

Bath Time is fun for everyone! Well, not everyone but is sure is loud. Well, life is loud for Ben! (that is like his mom, loud!)

This last picture is us having a wiener roast. Ben actually roasted his own wiener and did a fine job. He has a long life of bar-b-qing things infront of him!! Now to pass on the skills! Oh what pressure. HAHA!!

Well, I hope those suffice! He is fun and we love him much. Bonnie is feeling great and excited she is almost half way through the pregnancy. Yesterday she was 19 weeks!! We are looking forward to many days in the backyard playng this summer!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Budesliga Spiel!

So for those of you that have been reading my blog as of lately will be very aware trhat I haven't posted for some time. That is a clear lack of interest in the blogging world. I have since been attracted to the new world of Facebook. Sick I know but its new and I guess I am a sucker for that sort of stuff. I never thought I was but whatever.

So about a month plus we went to Europe. We menas Bonnie and I it was like a Grad present from Bonnie to me or something like that. Whatever, it was a great time.

One of the highlights in Germany was a soccer game we attended. It was great. It was totally surreal. We went to thei 57,000 person stadium and watched Stuttgart beat Meinz 2-0. The home team, Stuttgart, proceeded to win the Bundesliga this year so that was kind of exciting. I kind of thought I knew what to experience because I have watched some soccer on TV and even went to Edmonton top watch some Canadian soccer but I wasn't ready for the hugeness of the fans.

It was so cool. So many people so much noise, so much energy, so much enthusiasim. It was so amazing. The super fans or Fan club cheered and sang and jumped all game and then had a party when it was all done just to celebrate. The people all stand and sing and cheer and say the right German sayings at the right time. It was so cool to see this dedication to their team. As you can see from the picture not every German loves their soccer. How Petra fell asleep during the game is unknown. We even had some Bratwurst and some German water!! HEHE!!

Well, I thought I would post a few pictures and then you can all get a small glimpse of what we experienced.

Thats it for now. I will see if I can motivate myself to be better at posting some pics of Benjamin again soon.