Mark's Mind

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Elias John Dyck

Elias John Dyck So the new arrival is here and we are pumped. He was born November 19 at 7pm and was 9lbs and 5 onzes. He was 21 inches long and a large type head. We are so blessed to have another son. We thanks God for him and his safe arrival. Bonnie and Elias are home now and doing well. He loves to eat and sleep. He has a great set of lungs on him already as well. Bonnie will need a few weeks to recover. She had him naturally just has some mending to do before she will be her same old self again. Benjamin and I are very happy to have them both home. We missed them and love them like crazy.

Soon after birth.(1 hour) Ben a bit unsure. Bonnie is amazing!

There he is all 9lbs 5 ounzes of him!

Bonnie Ben and Elias just waiting to go. It seems to take long to discharge when they want you to leave.Ben and Elias!! Ben wanted to hold him already and has said his I love yous. This is a good start.We are finally home. Ben wasn't that interested in pics anymore. So Bonnie and I welcomed Elias to our home. His big hands and long fingers. He is gonna need to be tough to deal with his brother!Proud Mommy! She was amazing all through. Elias is one lucky boy. Because I love him already!
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.