Mark's Mind

Friday, February 15, 2008

Family News!

Hello family and friends. Here is a little update of the growing family and by that I mean in stature. The boys are getting bigger all the time. Its so amazing to watch the grow and learn and get to be more fun all the time. I love them more everyday.

So today I have a video of Elias talking and cooing and being totally adorable (form a dads perspective) and I have a few random pics. Enjoy them and cherish them it may be a few weeks before I post again.
This video is of Bonnie talking to Elias while he lays on the table he is such an easy smile.

These pictures come from random places but m,any are from when Bonnie and the boys went to see her parents.

This is Elias cousin and she loves him. She wants to hold him all the time. So cute! She just calls hime "Baby!"

This is Ben and Nathan ogling Elias. He seems to be oblivious, for now. They are good buddies!

Ben and Grandpa can spend hours outside doing chores! This is riding on the trailer Grandpa built to haul bails. Tuffy has to be around all the time.Riding on the quad. Soo much fun especially with Grandpa!Papa and his boys reading books. Ben loves it and I think Elias does too!!Ben is such a loving brother. He wants to hold Elias or help with him often.Papa and his boys. Just hanging out!

This is how strong elias has become. He holds his neck up and straightens up. Sorry about the red eyes.This is our amazing MAMA. She loves reading books to her boys as well. We had a night out alone last night for the first time. It was great we went for supper and for coffee without the boys. I love that woman and apprciate how amazing she is. This year will be 10 years for us ....crazy man!Well thants it for now. Have a happy weekend and enjoy Family Day! We are looking forward to a busy weekend! Peace out!