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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So here is the question and I am very eager to read what the very intellectual people who read this blog have to say about it. In the church that I serve in we have been having some discussions as of late regarding me. Seems like there are some questions on whether I am "allowed" (for lack of a better word) to preform some of the sacrements of the church. The reason this becomes a discussion is because I am not ordained.
This is where my questions start. I guess my lack of knowledge of what ordination really means and the value of it make for this discussion in the church difficult. It seems to me to be an old practice, that is what the discussion at church seems to focus on, but I also feel like it has some sort of important. Sometimes it feels like some sort of hoop to jump through to be able to do more things or to earn that "title" or something and for these reasons I question the validity. However, the people in the church seem to think it has some great value but aren't completely clear on what that is.
So I ask you, the reader, what is th point and what does it mean?

Thansk for your input,


Something to chew on!

So I realize a post on this site has been a long time coming. Sorry for those faithful who check on the mind of Mark. I won't say much has happened in the past months but I will say I again run into the problem of using my time to blog and get some feed back. So this morning seemed to be as good a time as any.