Mark's Mind

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Snowy Ben!!

Here is our little Ben in the snow. It snowed for the last 2 days and today it was finally nice enough to take Ben outside. We went for a walk and then took a few pictures of him sitting in the snow. I think this is the first time he has actually "been" in the snow. He was so happy to be outside even though it was 12 below. He points and makes car noises at all the vehicles thats why he is pointing in the one pic. The other smiling one is for his Oma and Opa in Richmond and Grandma and Grandpa in Calgary.

This big smile and pose is for his aunts and uncles all over God's creation. Ben misses you all and says hello. He is even blowinging kisses now. I am sure he would blow one for you if you wrere here.

Praying for all of you have a great weekend,

md, Bonnie and Ben

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Little Big Boy!!

Today I along with Bonnie and Ben spent some quality time watching the Canadians sh#$ the bed against the Russina Machine. There was a sad case of picking old balls without a nose for the net to represent our country but thats another post later.
The cool part about our time togther was I did get some pictures of our Canucks fan. So I will post a few for all of you to see.
As you can see from a few of the pics he is standing on his own and in the past two days been stringing 4 and 5 steps together. It is exciting for us to watch. He is becoming a brave young man. He is so happy and fun to watch as well. He loves to put on a show for everyone to laugh.


Friday, February 17, 2006


OKAY, OKAY!!! This may be a bit premature but Canada is now leading the USA in medals. Thanks to our skeleton team we now have over taken the big americans in the medal race. Why is this such a big deal?? Well, a few posts ago someone replied to a commenet and said the canadians had no hope in beating the americans in a medal race. So this is to update the person who needs to know.
On a side note. The dominant powerhouse Amercain womens hockey team lost in a shootout. Yikes they may need to settle for a bronze in hockey.
Well, all I have to say is GO CANADA GO!!

I'm out,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bathing Benjamin!!

So Here are a few updated pics of Benjamin. I realize they are in the bath so I have tried to keep them above the waist. This is a family site!! He loves his baths. He splashes and bounces around. His new thing is to drink the water in the tub. That is too gross for me but he likes it. Sometimes he takes to much and chokes but he'll learn. He also like to stand in the tub but he knows he is not allowed so I think he only tries it with his mom. HEHE!! He really is a fun little turkey but growing up really fast!!

Have a great day and enjoy!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gold Medal!!

I am very excited for our Canadian athletes in Torino. I am an Olymipic junkie. I like to watch and cheer and celebrate with the Canadians. This morning I watched Jen Heil from Spruce Grove earn a Gold medal in Moguls. It was great. That is the first of many. Come on cheer for the Canadians and enjoy this it only comes around every few years.