Mark's Mind

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


So I have been thinking about injustice. With all the earth quakes and tsunami's and famine and unfair stuff in the world I am trying to figure this stuff out and what our response as Christians should be.
Intitially my thinking of sending money and praying seemed to be enough because I really can't go anywhere at this point. However, looking at Jesus life and how he responded to injustices of his day, that seems kind of weak. I also think there is injustice that happens right here arounbd us in our own conutry. Maybe no natural disasters killing thousands of people but injustice happens here as well. Starving, poor and helpless people live in our neighborhoods. So what is our response? What do we do about this injustice or do I not fully understand injustice? Is it only disasters and grand scale death or lose? Is it easier and less personal if we can send money to some agancy?
Well, just some thoughts from reading other posts on God's judgement and wrath and studying injustice. Be interetsed to hear some comments.

peace out