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Friday, December 08, 2006

Minter Gardens!!

So tonight we headed to Chilliwack. Benjamin, Bonnie and his 2 favorite girls with 3 letter names; Jen and Net!! (Jennifer and Lynette) We went for supper at BP's and enjoyed a super duper pizza. It was really fun. Then into the car and off too the Minter Gardens for a night of lights and pictures.
I thought I knew where it was but we decided to take the long way around and wasted some time driving. This however ended up being very fun. We love spending time with the girls and Ben really loves them as well. This is a picture of Ben and the girls. They hug and kiss and chase and play with him like crazy. He loves the attention of older girls already. YIKES!! Anyway we appreciate them and love that they love our "Sweetpea"! (Net calls him that).

Anyway, there were lots of lights, decorations, a nativity scene, the Christmas Carol in lights and the Wizard of Oz! It was cool and all of it from a train ride it was great. Ben loved the train and just sat there and enjoyed the scenery. He didn't really talk but I think he was a tad bit overwhelmed.
This trip was for Bonnie and her Christmas spirit. She spent all week baking and getting in the Christmas mood. We have no decorations and haven't really had much "Christmas" so Bonnie needed some lights and festive things to get her in the mood.(of Christmas that is!)!!
One more week and we are off to Alberta. We continue to anticipate a great time visiting friends in Coaldale and family in Airdrie. Have a great weekend. Maybe some more posts to come. We have serious family gatherings this weekend.

Peace in Christ


Friday, December 01, 2006

Here are the pics!!

On the last post I really wanted to post some pictures but it wouldn't let me. So here are a bunch for your viewing pleasure.

This is our little family in the snow. Yes, we are in Abbotsford!
Here is Ben and his mom in the snow!!

This is Ben and his new cousin Lila Madison Clibbon!!
Ben loves his new rain coat. He wants to wear it always!
Ben and his dad being dumb. We goof off a lot.

This is Colin and Trina with Bonnie and Ben at Mill Lake!!
This is our friend Kelcey from Coaldale. He loves
his new book she brought for him. It was so
cool to see his eyes light up when he saw
Kelcey and Colin and Trina arrive.
He still remebers everyone from home.

That's it for now thanks for your time and enjoy your advent time!

Peace Out

Okay okay!!

So my updating the blog has been poor at best. I have been lazy and busy all at once. I have beeen mad trying to get a few projects and papers done. It has been an interesting time being a student and not having to do much else. I have to be a student and a dad and a husband. I have been a good studfent so far the dad part I am learning and the husband part has taken new challenges. I love being all three its the juggling the three that has been more difficult than I expected.
So I have completed my final two major papers. I have two final exams to write and a few different little paper type things to do. So, the semester is almost done and we are looking forward to the Christmas break. We are leaving in two weeks today. On the 15 of December we will be in Aidrie spending the evening with Bonnie's parents. It will be great to see them for a few weeks and also spend a week in Coaldale. We are so looking forward to family and friends. We miss everyone back home in Alberta.
What have our families last few weeks and months looked like...well we have been busy. We have visited my parents and family, had company, we have been to the park, we have had some serious snow and we have played in the basdement, a lot. Bonnie has started some serious Christmas shopping. She loves this time of year and enjoys the shopping and crafts and baking. Only being in Abbotsford has limited the baking and she doesn't have decorations to spruce up our home. So we do what we can and enjoy the season.
As for the little man, Benny, he is definately turning two. He has moments of being a pure angel and moments of trying our nerves. He has been very fun and exciting to play with. He is all boy; he plays rough, he breaks toys, he wants to wrestle with us, he screams and yells and jumps all the time. It has been great to watch him grow and change and become a little man. He loves his dad but his mom is definately the bomb. They spent ooddles of time together and he loves her soo much. His mom is so good to him and loves him so much. Bonnie plays and cares and feeds and changes and reads and walks with him all day long. She is so patient and gentle with him. It is great to have such a great mom for my son.
We also have a new member to the larger family. My sister and brother-law, Johnathan and Vicky Clibbon, had a a little girl and her name is Lila Madison. She is so cute and chubby. We are excited that Ben has a little cousin. This will be an interesting adjustment because now he has to share oma and opa. He doesn't like it already.
I mentioned we have had company over the past month. They were from Coaldale and one was Kelcey Janzen and the other was Colin and Trina Friesen and Henry and Elizabeth Warkentin. All were great visits. Soo fun for all of us. It was great to see everyone and to be reminded of the friends we have at home.
Well, I think that will be it for now. For those of you that we will see in a few weeks, YEEHAW!! For the rest of you we love you lots and wish all of you a Merry Christmas. May the peace of God be with you this holiday season!!

Peace Out
Mark Dyck